4995 SEK

Här har vi (eller rättare sagt Pontus) plockat ihop en specialare med det röda Crevasse-bältet med verktyg.

Bältessetuppen består av: 
  • 6" Midjebälte, Large 39-42" (99-107cm)
  • Wrangler Pouch  Left
  • Wrangler Pouch Right med extra hammarhållare
  • Kan kompletteras med Deluxe suspenders (sele/hängslen)
Prylarna som är med i paketet:
  • Stiletto 14 oz titanhammare, slät skalle med 18" Hickoryskaft. 
  • Tajima Chalk rite Dura II sprättsnöre
  • Stabila Pocket Pro Magnetic
  • Bessey universalfällkniv med magasin och 5 blad
  • Hultafors penna HDM
  • Tajima G-lock 25, 8m måttband
  • KiwiTOOLS "För smartare hantverkare" anteckningsbok
  • Dogyu 250mm prybar V-type
  • Vinkelhake Octo 300 mm ställbar i 8 lägen, 0-180° 
  • DePalma 2m kompositmeterstock 

The Wrangell Pouch comes standard as the non-dominant pouch on “The Denali”, “The Grizzly”, “The Borealis” and comes standard as the dominant and non-dominant (mirror image) pouch on “The Crevasse” from our signature series. This versatile pouch serves a variety of needs with lots of space for any application.

Pouch Makeup: Top pouch (tape holder), speed square pouch, main pouch, secret pouch, open pouch, outside pouch, chisel pocket, pencil slot, utility slot, nail set slot, nylon hammer loop, double tool loops.
Total: 7 pouches, 6 slots, 3 loops.

Weight 2.1 lbs, Dimensions 9 x 10 x 2 in, Color Black, Red, Blue, Ranger Green
Pouch Position: Right Hand Side, Left Hand Side

Our Deluxe Suspenders are as revolutionary as our famous Diamondback Belts. We have taken a simple concept and elevated it. These Suspenders offer the most comfortable support out there with ample steel hardware and lots of adjustment to balance your load over your hips, waist and shoulders. The yolk is designed to cushion and deflect pressure from the robust 3/4″ webbing to prevent pinch points. We included a D-ring on the back to hang the Suspenders or your entire Rig when not in use and a unique pencil slot that grips your pencil tightly while allowing you to remove it from either end of the slot.

With the sternum strap latched, you can unlatch your Belt for a belt-free feel when you want to take all of the stress off of your hips and abdomen. Like all of our products, the Deluxe Suspenders are built tough but lights and will not weigh you down when you are on the go.
Weight:  1 lbs
Dimensions:  12 x 6 x 2 in
Color: Black