Hinge 45/9,5 Insert for MF32

625 SEK

Easily drill concealed cup hinges with drilling patterns 45/9,5 with the hinge insert for MF32 Multifunctional Router Jig. The drilling patterns 45/9,5 will work for concealed cup hinges of Hettich, Häfele, Blum and Grass. Make sure you have the correct hinges with the 45/9,5 patterns as many brands have different drilling pattern options. The hinge insert comes with a depth gauge for 10mm continues shanks. The 2 smaller outside holes fit a 24mm copy ring so you can pre drill with a 10mm or 8mm router/drill bit and your router the holes if you use press fit, flash fit or fix fast assembly. The insert has a position mark for the correct location in the base and center marks on the side to allow positioning with marks on your workpiece